GIANNA PEDERZINI vita e arte by Maurizio Tiberi

Timaclub edition, 430 pp, 30 Euros

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There are still a few people out there who make a difference to those devoted to the operatic past. Ward Marston comes to mind but also the French label Malibran and the Italian company Bongiovanni.  Preiser records once so well-known for their re-issues of German operatic artists now devotes itself to –and no I’m not joking - releasing an audio book of Mein Kampf !?! The late Otto Preiser founder of the company turns around in his grave. Sad indeed.

A name not yet mentioned but oh so important is the tireless Maurizio Tiberi from Rome. Legendary are his releases of Italian operatic legends on LP, CD and now also books on his TIMA label. With unrelentless energy Tiberi still goes strong and after his larger than life books on Lauri-Volpi and Martinelli he now released another fabulous 2 volume set on the Italian mezzo Gianna Pederzini (1900-1988). 

The 430 pp biography contains over 300 rare and high quality  photos, a complete chronology, a discography, a filmography,  a repertory list in alphabetical order with costume photos of the role and an index. Even when one doesn’t read Italian the book is a must-have for lovers of Pederzini, Italian singers or opera singer biographies.

Click here to see Pederzini arriving in war-time Berlin

The  biography is extremely well-researched and easy to read and makes the first book on Pederzini (Azzali) look like a joke.  Read all about her life both personal and artistic, anecdotes, relationships with composers and colleagues and of course her liaison with the high rank fascist Roberto Farinacci which gets a whole chapter with more interesting and revealing details unearthed by Tiberi as never before. At 30 euros only the books are a real bargain.

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Rudi van den Bulck, May 2016